Risk Based Project Management Services and Strategies

Inevitably, there is always too much to do. This means that risk based projects will be no different, and that there will be many pressures on resource and project prioritisation.

However, if RISK projects are not implemented quickly, the losses will continue.

We have too many projects to manage, vendors to select, IT implementations. We need help defining requirements, or making sure that we get what we need to manage our losses.
A business case is required.

Validation of the numbers, the benefits or the costs; or just some words of comfort from experience elsewhere.

Will it work? Have we chosen the right one?

What UKFraud Team Will Do:
  • Review what is in place today
  • Consider the options that you have / have not committed to already
  • Summarise the position so far and identify the gaps, costs, benefits
  • Help validate - or even make the business case
  • Support you in making sure that your team, executives and if needed partners too, are all fully briefed and aware of the agenda
  • Work closely with your project teams, IT management and internal risk specialists (and any other stakeholders) to help plan and then get the job done.
  • Help design and make sure the results are measurable, delivered and tracked as required to keep evolving the savings further.