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Mobile Payment Risk Management Services

Mobile Payment Fraud Prevention Services

Everyone is launching Wallet products from major global IT vendors, software houses, telcos, new-internet startups, international card schemes and payment systems, banks etc. etc.

corporate & business risk review and management consultancy

There are daily announcements, joint ventures and joint developments. UKFraud established a Mobile Payment Special Interest Group (SIG), which has recognised the need for all financial product stakeholders to develop risk reduction strategies capable of matching the projected rapid growth of the global mobile payments sector over the next eighteen months.

About Our Mobile Wallet Consultancy Services

One of the findings of the SIG related to the complexity of the market and the need for consistency, interoperability, as well as regulation and governance – where none exists. This really is the wild-West now, and so many of these initiatives and players are backing horses that will not even be 'in the race'. There is even confusion on what Mobile is, what Wallets are, what M-Commerce is, what Identity is or authentication. It is not clear who will survive and who will not survive. It is so very confusing.
corporate & business risk review and management consultancy

There are no Right Answers at the Moment; but UKFraud Specialists will:
  • Help your Board, your senior management, or development team collate views, ideas and thinking.
  • Facilitate workshops to drive planning and direction.
  • Provide strategic advice on directions to take and things to avoid.
  • Help reduce the risks, when moving products and services into wallet solutions and emerging wallet architecture.
  • Ensure that authentication management and identity issues are understood and that they meet with Money Laundering (AML) requirements and avoid a major catastrophic loss from criminal attack.

How It Will Help You:
  • Enter the market with greater clarity of your vision and understanding market dynamics, and reduced risks of failure.
  • Operate with 'eyes wide open' to the potential risks.
  • Recognise changes in market developments and competitor activities.
  • Know when to change direction and work on a new or evolved product strategy or direction.
  • Capture global markets or more widespread customers in your own market.
  • Forge the right strategic alliances.
  • Acquire or sell to the right partners with proper due diligence on the risks involved.

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