Corporate Fraud Risk Solutions

Risk and fraud losses can be many things to many businesses. Maybe you have an attack from within that needs addressing, maybe your fraud is through customers, or just an attack from fraudsters who pretend to be customers.

You might be losing a € million every month from fraud attacks - and this may be normal until it suddenly goes up to € 2 million and month. Then what? Maybe the fraud that you lose is unpredictable and un-budgetable.
May be you struggle to measure fraud? We can help you devise a management information suite that will help you drive the fraud losses.

Perhaps you have a fraud team and need to work out how to improve performance, add to the team, stop the increase in losses, develop the management team skills or measure team or individual fraud performances. We can help you.

Very often businesses buy a ‘super fraud system’ - or many such systems - install them, and then ‘let them run’. But more often than NOT, the system does not deliver the expected results, or the fraud still goes up....... or the fraudsters learn to get around them? Talk to us about making the systems work better for you.

Or maybe there are suppliers knocking on your door every day with a new system - but which one should we opt to use? Let us help you select the right one.

At UKFraud (and we work across Europe and further afield as necessary); we will help you find the right systems, develop and hone your processes, set the strategy, find the weaknesses or prescribe the solutions or just find the fraudsters and help you get rid of them.

We can also help deliver a workshop to the board to help you and your team to understand or structure where the holes are, and how to manage or set a fraud strategy.

Whatever you need, we aim to deliver a solution, quickly, professionally and with the minimum of work for you and us (so at the minimum of costs); to deliver results and multi-€million savings.

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