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Welcome to our "Riskskill" Operations

Corporates Total Risk Review Services

"Riskskill" has been launched by UKFraud (www.ukfraud.co.uk) as its new risk consultancy operation that delivers 'total risk' assessments for major enterprises, business, corporates, companies, banks, insurance companies, telecom sector, etc. worldwide. Riskskill solves problems for its clients and engineers bespoke risk review, risk reduction solutions, risk management solutions, organisational issues, management improvements, financial control improvements and IT solutions; indeed, anywhere across a business.

corporate & business risk review and management consultancy

Major corporations can sometimes be somewhat slow at making major reactive changes, but also at implementing longer-term strategies to address risk 'gaps'. As a result, they can often be aware of risk and the related or potential losses, but cannot adapt fast enough to manage the change required. Sometimes risk hot-spots fall between organisational silos so that no single area of the business is responsible. In these cases, what is needed is a more radical approach. It maybe that an IT related solution is required on the one hand, or simply a specific organisational change on the other. However, it frequently takes an experienced external viewpoint to spot, monitor, analyse and eliminate the risks in businesses and any enterprises.

About Riskskill's Total Risk Operations

Part of the acclaimed UKFraud operation, Riskskill's "total risk" operations delivers 'total risk' assessments and assist in risk review and risk management for big enterprises, businesses, companies and solves problems to engineer bespoke risk reduction solutions in organisational, management, financial control and IT.

Assessments analyse all areas where organisations could be at risk including: fraud, financial risks, credit risks, business risks, counterparty or partner risks, cyber crime breaches, bad debt management, and the oversight and control of other write-offs along with compliance penalties and legal case-losses. Having identified specific areas of risk, our risk skills team will draft detailed business and IT system change plans. The plans will be backed up by coaching, training and mentoring programmes, aimed at engineering ground-up (but also top-down) solutions throughout the client's organisation, people, process, management and systems.

"From our experience, most organisations are needlessly at risk in a number of areas and often the potential and consequential losses could be a major threat to businesses performance. However, these business risks can usually be identified quickly and effective plans drawn up. By using our own risk skills, organisations can appreciate quickly the level of risk they are running and therein plan to reduce this rapidly."

What We Do

Our Riskskill operation offers a radical alternative to major companies suffering loss across the business.

If the shareholders of companies knew of the risks that their organisations faced, there would be many more ownership, more accountability and changes to board membership at shareholder meetings and this issue would be far more serious than the recent headlines over remuneration. We provide total risk review, credit risk review, financial risk review and risk management services for all small and big enterprises so that losses can be minimized.

However, in many cases commercial and financial risks and exposures are played down or even concealed – or simply attributed only to economic and external factors – rather than addressed.

We make sure that the board/executive management know and understand what to demand from, and how to manage commercial risk and fraud teams to deliver best results.

corporate & business risk review and management consultancy

Assessments are based upon proven analysis techniques used by UKFraud in the fraud and business consultancy sectors. The new operation will draw upon both UKFraud's resources and a selection of experienced 'best of breed' risk consultants, each a specialist in their own field.

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