Fraud Risk Training, Awareness and Educational Support Services

Whether in the boardroom, the classroom or one-to-one in small teams or with individuals we can help with any fraud and risk subject matter.

We provide guidance on analysing text, scrips, or dialogue for honesty and deception and most importantly for superior customer focused risk handling.

The team at UKFraud will:
  • Assess your needs with you, and help understand what can best and most speedily deliver you results. Often training requirements will lead on from a risk review
  • Establish what to train, who to mentor, or who to brief on fraud / risk matters.
  • We also specialise in briefing senior executives and board members on how to manage fraud / risk, what to ask for, what to evolve and how to get the best results for the organisation
  • We generally develop and deliver bespoke material for an individual business of need, as the risk problems are often unique.
  • We will help devise corrective programmes to help people change direction, change the culture, decision-making, investigations ethos and/or how to handle fraudsters differently.
  • We will help you plan stronger deterrent messages in all customer contacts, in PR and with the media.