Below are Some of our Press Releases Published during Course of the Time.
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Feb 2015
How Enterprise Risk Management can Help a Company?

Jan 2015
Top Technology Trends in Payments, Risk and Fraud 2014

Nov 2014
Can Apple drive Radical Changes in Payments akin to Music

Oct 2014
Will The PSR Changes Work?

Sep 2014
Will Apple Pay kill the QR Code?

Sep 2014
ApplePay in Europe - Will it work?

Sep 2014
Will Apple Pay kill the QR code?

June 2014
E-money - Is the FCA going to 'Wield the Whip'?

May 2014
Is the US ATM industry making too big a fuss about EMV?

Jan 2014
Riskskill Predicts That Government Cuts And Rapid Mobile Growth Will Drive Business Risks Throughout 2014

Dec 2013
Two Key Fraud Organisations Support Charity Commission Proposals

Dec 2013
UKFraud's Fraud Predictions For 2014

Dec 2013
UKFraud Calls For Defined Action In Response To National Fraud Authority's Demise

Nov 2013
UKFraud Mobile Payment SIG Urges Greater Stakeholder Collaboration

Nov 2013
UKFraud Seeks To Reduce Mobile Wallet Payment Risks

Oct 2013
UKFraud Launches New Mobile Wallet Consultancy Practice

Sep 2013
Defeating Insurance Fraud – The Opportunity Is So Close At Hand

Jul 2013
UKFraud Calls For Pre-Emptive Data Management Collaboration To Combat Insurance Fraud and Money Laundering

Jul 2013
Riskskill Warns That Mobile Payments Sector Could Face A 'Cocktail' Of Risks

April 2013
Mobile Payments Sector Growth Could Bring Fresh Fraud Challenges Says New UKFraud Special Interest Group

Jan 2013
Press Release: 2013 Corporate Risk Hotspots

Dec 2012
Press Release: UK Fraud Trends in 2013

Sep 2012
"Who Polices The Fraud And Security Managers?" UKFraud SIG Identifies The Measures That Need To Be In Place.

July 2012
Corporate Silo Mentality is Increasing the Risk of Higher Fraud Levels

June 2012
Greater Corporate Integration is Essential for Defeating Fraud Levels - Claims New UKFraud SIG

March 2012
UKFraud Debunks Common Fraud Misnomers

February 2012
Fraud Crisis Management Service Launched

January 2012
2012 UK Fraud Predictions

December 2011
Anti-Fraud Organisations predict fraud surge in 2012

November 2011
UKFraud Leads Reaction to the National Fraud Authority’s Recent Strategy Document with An Open Letter

October 2011
Ten Early Warning Signs of Fraud in Organisations

September 2011
NFA Survey - Peer Review Survey Places Pressure On The National Fraud Authority To Deliver More

August 2011
Is the CEO accountable for Fraud - should they ‘go’ if big losses occur

August 2011
British Fraud Consultants Chosen to Advise Sudanese Banks After North South Partition

April 2011
New Technology - Can we just ‘plug it in’ or is there more work to be done?

May 2011
Card Fraud Experts Warn Against Looming Mobile Payment Fraud Risk

March 2011
Ten Fraud Worries To Keep CEOs Awake At Night And A Guide On How To Counter Them