Risk Review

Many of our clients suffer from sizeable fraud losses as part of their normal business. Suddenly the losses rise further. Or maybe, the losses have been 'quietly' rising for a while…..

Our clients may also have purchased a 'super' anti-fraud system, but is doesn't seem to be doing what was promised.

Maybe a client wants a new fraud manager, or help for its existing fraud specialists.

With fraud, the challenges are always different - so the solution is always 'different' too.

The team at UKFraud will:
  • Review your loss history
  • Study the systems that you use
  • Look at your policy, your successes and failings
  • Identify if you have the right size of team and the right skills
  • Look at you detection processes and systems
  • Review your documentations and processes to see how you deter and prevent fraud
  • Check how you investigate fraud
  • Review your risk based projects
  • Establish how you move forward with new projects and corrective activity

.... and anything else that impacts the losses within your business.