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Risk, Compliance & Fraud Strategy Specialists - Who Deliver Action and Change

Our team delivers quick, easy and radical change when businesses have risk, compliance or fraud losses or other problems. Our team are experienced senior managers who deliver prescriptions of what to do, or who make things happen..... and quickly. We operate globally and travel to wherever you have your challenges. We work with your team, management and board to correct financial risks and non-compliance issues, remove losses, make your regulators happy or any other party who regulates you or sets your rules. However you manage payments, we help insurance companies, banks, enterprises, the mobile payment sector, card payment businesses - i.e. issuers and acquirers, telecoms, retailers, PSPs, ISOs, technology companies etc.

We work with regulators in all industries, and industry bodies and agencies - including mobile payments and payment schemes such as MasterCard, Visa and local ATM card schemes. We have experts in investigating, detecting and preventing all kinds of commercial frauds, corporate frauds, fraud losses, financial crimes and scams, irrespective of its degree of complexity. Our team has effective and strong fraud deterrence systems, strategies, tools and policies, which are highly regarded by our major worldwide client commercial institutions for fraud prevention. G+

Are You Concerned About Any of the Following?

fraud prevention
  • Business losses are going up?
  • How can we save many € millions more?
  • What should our management say to the regulator?
  • I need technical help to solve fraud problem in my company..
  • We need to take action but need to talk to someone first.
  • Where can I find a risk non-executive director?
  • Can someone help me with our risk management and fraud prevention strategy and revisit our risk policy?
  • I am a Plc CEO and want to know more about corporate fraud.
  • I need to turn ideas into immediate ACTION.
  • Driving change in my business is like wading through treacle.
  • How can I drive fraud prevention strategies and less reaction.
  • We are good at investigation, but need more fraud detection and fraud deterrence solutions and ideas.
  • We just need help / rescuing / new ideas.

How Can We Help You Save Millions?

Whatever you need - a stronger fraud and risk strategy, stronger people skills, new or replacement systems, a better performance or simply lower - or more predictable losses, we will work with you. Our experience in fraud prevention, risk review and risk management is unbeatable, our analysis of your problems is precise and prescriptive, and our delivery outstanding.

Forming Strategy and Direction
We will look at what you have and do, and fill in any gaps and prescribe elements of risk strategy or processes that you should have.
Implementing Change
We will help you share the vision, justify the financials, implement change, and as with all corporate risks, we will help you to develop a sense of priority and urgency with our specialists.
Solving Fraud Problems
Tell us about it and we will help find innovative, new and different solutions, but will also use industry best practice.
Educating, Mentoring and Supporting
We will help people understand what is needed to tackle fraud, whether in the boardroom or the people who are dealing with the losses. Our business knowledge is practical, real and current.